Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Thoughts on the Government Shutdown 2013

So, what's the big deal about the government shutting down?

The truth is that the Federal Government has been effectively shutdown for a decade or more. Political posturing, egos, legacies, signature legislation...... blah, blah, blah! Whatever the case might be all of these things have combined to make our federal government ineffective at best and illegitimate at worst. So, shutdown? It could quite possibly be the best thing that could happen. When something is broken, we usually try to fix it... or replace it. Maybe that is what needs to occur with the current self-centered, megalomanics on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Now I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree but, here are a few things that come to mind as I ponder the effects of limited federal government function....


First Things First

Number one, Congress, Mr. President, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! THIS IS AMERICA SPEAKING!!! For far too long you have stood and told us what we want/need. Well, now we stand and tell you, you haven't been listening. So, I repeat, SIT DOWN, SHUT UP and PAY ATTENTION!



We really don't care what you think we need as far as health care goes. We are perfectly capable of choosing when to see a doctor and whom to see. We purchase insurance or save to make sure that we can afford any unexpected or expensive medical procedures. There are ample choices of insurance and I can assure you we are more than capable of choosing which one is right for us. There are a few less fortunate souls who cannot afford to purchase insurance and my heart goes out to them when they experience critical illness. Not only is there the burden and stress of the illness but also how do we pay for treatment.

I belive there should be programs - limited, temporary programs - to aid those who cannot afford traditional insurance benefits. I do not believe that any government entity has the right to tell me who or what to purchase. Nor do they have the right to determine the level of treatment I receive. I will leave that to the doctor (whom I choose), not some self-serving government bureaucrat. Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, I really don't care what you call it. It is an illegal and an illegitimate law passed only to serve as a milestone or legacy for a possibly illegal and definitely illegitimate President. GET RID OF IT NOW!


Now everyone should have a budget. Many don't currently have and never have had a budget to live by. If you can spend less than you earn without a budget, more power to you. But, any large organization, such as the federal government, should operate on a budget. With all the potential for corruption and theivery, a budget is a sure thing. It tells us what we expect to take in and what we expect to go out.

Now, our government has generally always spent more than they have taken in for any given year. I understand some administrations have kept the Countrys finances in the black but that is certainly not the case today. Tell me, if the government is shutdown, why are we still paying our congressional representatives? I mean, really, they have not done their job in passing a feasible budget so why pay them? No ,let's pay the guys who cannot work together to come up with a workable plan for the future of our country, and let's not pay the people who actually are productive in government. Why is it we have to punish the guy who sweeps the floors or the lady that directs tours of government buildings or museums? Why not punish the congress men and women who have failed in their duty to this country. At $170,000 plus per congress member, that's over one hundred million dollars annually. Surely that can be enough to fund a day or two for the ones who actually work.

I have an idea, let's tie congressional pay to performance. Since you are likely getting paid from some other source, we will pay a nominal salary of say $50,000 per year. If you meet your basic performance goals, those that you are constitutionally required to perform, we will give you say a 10 percent bonus. For any duties required by laws you have passed, another 5 percent. If you end a year with the balance sheet in the black, we'll give you 1 percent for every 100 million dollars under budget.

I could add some things about taxes in here but that is a probably a topic for another day. The bottom line is, it is not your money, it is OUR money. Use it wisely or, to make a biblical reference, it will be taken away from you. To whom much is given much is required.

Foreign Policy

I am by no means a world traveller but should I be afforded the resources to do so, I think it would be fun to visit different parts of the world and experience different cultures. Or, at least it would have been.

The current administration has caused countries all around the world to hate us, mock us, belittle us, have disdain for us, and even consider us weak. Quite frankly, I really don't care which factions are fighting each other in a civil war in another country half a globe away. Could it affect us here? Possibly. But ultimately, we don't need to be involved. I mean we typically don't get involved in the neighbors domestic dispute, so why should we stick our nose into another countries business? I know, some countries have asked for our assistance and I believe that when it is feasible, we should help countries in need that request assistance. And we should have the backs of our closest allies.

Now, for all of those in countries and cultures that hate us... STOP COMING TO AMERICA!! If you hate us so bad then stay where you are. And if you don't hate us and choose to come here, do not come here with it in mind to bring your culture here and change the way we do things. We will respect your culture and your right to perform any customs or rituals in your home or designated places. But don't expect us to conform to you, you left the country where your customs were accepted and normal to come here. If you want your customs to be common place then stay in your own country. This is America and we have American customs. Either learn them and live by them or GET OUT! We have enough morons in congress trying to change America, we don't need you here muddying the waters for them.

A Final Thought

Well, there are many other things that I could write about here. But, I think it best to punctuate the points I have previously made. WAKE UP CONGRESS!! We are Americans and we are mad. You have chosen to pervert the constitution, serving yourselves instead of your country and quite frankly we are tired of it. You are adults, so stop acting like three year olds and work out your differences and listen to the 300+ million people of this great country and do what is right to propel us forward, not stall us out.

I have seen posts about states seceding or another civil war and possibly another revolution. But, we really don't need any of that. We are still America and We The People have a voice, no matter how much the federal government likes to think we don't. We can make a difference. We can change the future. But we must act. We cannot sit idly by as a handful of educated idiots make decisions that affect the livelyhood and lifestyles of millions. We have been passive for too long. If you can't find time one day out of 365 to let your representatives know what you want them to do for the country, then shame on you. You are a part of the problem along with the 535 idiots on capitol hill. I will do my best to prepare myself and my family for whatever the future holds. But for those that are too weak or are too busy or just don't care enough to get involved, when the government begins to tell you you you've lived 50 years so we can't treat you and you will die in approximately three months,  maybe you wil care enough then.

May God Bless You All and May God Bless America, Forever!


Brad Walker

An Angry American