Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Super Bowl XLI

I don't really have a favorite NFL team and aside from an occasional Fantasy football team, I don't even follow pro football at all. So, having spent my early evening in church, I didn't watch the entire Super Bowl but, I think I did see the most important part.... the post-game interview of Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy.

This was a Super Bowl of "Firsts", the first rainy Super Bowl, the first team to appear in the Super Bowl led by a black coach (notice I didn't use the term African-American but I'll get to that later) and this was a double first; Both teams were led by black coaches. Also, it was the first Super Bowl to have the opening kick-off run back for a touchdown. Though this was a history-making Super Bowl, I have to say that the most impressive thing to me was to hear Coach Dungy explain how they got there.

Another first was Coach Dungy's statements regarding his Christian faith:

"I thought about just the journey," Dungy said of that now famous pre-game walk. "Where we were and how the Lord had kind of set this up with some struggles, with some ups and downs, and some hills and valleys, and just I really thought about the same way our team had persevered it would be a shame if we didn't win it."

"I'm proud to be the first African-American coach to win this," Dungy said during the trophy ceremony. "But again, more than anything, Lovie Smith and I are not only African-American but also Christian coaches, showing you can do it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that."

Yeah, Yeah, everybody thanks God for the win but this time it was different. I really felt like this was the way Tony Dungy lives his everyday life. Coach Dungy has had his share of ups and downs. I even questioned whether he would come back to coaching after he lost his teenage son to suicide a little over a year ago. But he persevered, he trusted in the Lord to help him through his time of trouble. I am proud of these two coaches for demonstrating their faith for millions of people across the country to see. What a great witness!!!

Now, to the African-American comment. Ok, I admit it, I am NOT politically correct. I didn't really apply myself in high school but I do remember that Africa is a separate continent from America. And as best as I can tell Tony Dungy was born here in America, he just happens to be black.. a different color.. not white. I really do respect the African heritage but I wish he would have said anything but African-American. Maybe he could have said Christian-Americans. Tony, you are an American born and bred and in my book you are more than that, you are a Christian which supercedes all races. Jesus Christ is the King of all kings, the God of all nations not just Americans or Africans. You had the courage to publish your faith in front of millions of people so have the courage to drop the negative multi-national monikers. If this country is ever going to be one again we have to stop segregating ourselves. Instead of calling a spade a spade (no pun intended) start calling an American and American.

Anyway, Congratulations to the Chicago Bears and Coach Lovie Smith for your success in reaching the Super Bowl and for playing an outstanding game. Also, Congratulations to Coach Tony Dungy and the entire Colts team on winning historical Super Bowl XLI. Keep walking the walk!!! Phillipians 3:8-14

Brad Walker