Sunday, December 23, 2007


So, I have been thinking alot about Christmas this year. I have been listening to the protests about companies refusing to use the word Christmas in their advertising. It has been said that some companies have even told employees that saying Merry Christmas to customers would be grounds for termination. Companies say the reason for using Happy Holidays in lieu of Merry Christmas is so they won't offend those who don't believe in or celebrate Christmas. Well, I have to admit, I was offended by their exclusion of Christmas. I mean, all of my life I have seen ads for Pre-Christmas sales and post-Christmas sales and Christmas one day sales. Now, it's Happy Holidays?... give me a break. But, the more I began to meditate on Christmas and study its origins and the REAL Christmas story of the Birth of Christ, I began to wonder what it was that I was offended about. I mean what is Christmas? What does it mean?

I did a little research on the origin of Christmas as we celebrate it today. Many of the references I found explained how Christians took a pagan festivity and adapted it to represent their Christian culture and beliefs. Perhaps much of this is true or, perhaps pagan cultures adapted elements of the story of the birth of Christ into their rituals. I am not sure how it all came about but let me explain it the way I see it.

First of all, no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to find one biblical reference to the word "Christmas". I have looked in several versions, King James, NIV, NASB, NKJV, etc., there is no mention of the word Christmas; no mention of holiday trees, Christmas trees, winter festival; no seasons greetings, happy holidays or Merry Christmas. So, why was I so offended by others not using the word Christmas?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my Jesus and I love the joy and festive atmosphere the Christmas season brings. I believe in celebrating Christmas wholeheartedly. But, let me tell you what I did find in my studies.

I found a Saviour, a baby, innocence, love, peace, joy, excitement, fear, adoration, honor, respect, awe, courage; I could probably go on with this list forever so, let me sum it up. I found JESUS!!! You see the shepherds didn't run out and buy gifts for each other and all their family and friends. The wise men didn't have a party. They immediately set out on a journey to pay homage to the King of the World, King Jesus. This wasn't a birthday celebration, it was a celebration of a promise fulfilled. In fact, I believe the only time the scriptures speak of the actual birth of Jesus is when he was born.

Is this a step toward removing Christ from our lives? Probably. Is society trying to remove Christ from our daily ministrations? Absolutely!! But, the mere absence of the word Christmas shouldn't be our focus. Our focus should be on Jesus. We should be more worried about whether people see Christ in us. Mas in Spanish means more. If you break down the word Christmas, Christ mas, Christ more; that's what people should see in us as Christians, More of Christ in us. Or do they see us blow up in anger
at how slow the cashier is as we stand in the line at Wal-Mart? In Matthew 12:33, Jesus says, "...the tree is known by its fruit." What kind of fruit are you known for? As Christians, we don't need special days or seasons to remember Jesus. We should celebrate Him all year long. So, stop being offended and start


Merry Christmas to all and May God bless you all now and into the New Year!!


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

God's Time

It has been a while since I have posted. For a while I thought there really wasn't much to write about. But on further reflection I realized there was perhaps too much to write about. Today is different. Today there is really only one thing on my mind.

One year ago today, my dad went home to be with the Lord. I have been wondering how I would feel on this particular day. A few days ago I was reading a blog by Dr. Joe McKeever entitled Before You Leave Us. It talked of things that Dr. Joe wanted his parents to know. I commented on that blog as an encouragement to Brother Joe but the next day I received an email from him. He was concerned that he had made me feel bad about not saying some of those things to my dad. I have never met Brother Joe but this one little email showed me that he truly cares about people. So if you get the chance, read his writings. That blog caused me to think of the conversations dad and I had in the weeks and even just a few days before he became too sick to talk. We discussed his salvation and mine and how ready we were to meet the Lord Jesus. We talked of good times we had together, things he wished he had made better decisions on and how he wished we could go fishing.

I wasn't always the best son but I know this, my dad knew how much I loved him. I often got frustrated when going at night to help him to bed as it took time away from my family but I believe God knew what he was doing when he gave me those times to spend with my dad. There were even times while dad was in ICU on a ventilator that God used to allow me to tell dad things I needed to say. Those were pretty good times because dad couldn't argue with me or talk back, all he could do was nod his acknowledgment of what I had told him and mouth the words I Love You.

So how do I feel about today? I thought I would be sad; I even expected a few tears. I definitely miss my daddy greatly and there are things I would love to be able to sit and talk to him about. I have spent much of Saturday and today contemplating why, as I think of not having my dad here, I don't really feel sad or empty. It is often said that "time heals all wounds" but I am not sure that is true. Maybe for physical wounds but I believe the only thing that can heal the loss of a loved one is "God's Time".

You see, me and my dad were close all my life. There were ups and there were downs along the way. As I got older and had my own family, I did not spend as much time with my dad or my mom for that matter. God knew he would be taking dad home soon and He provided opportunities for me to spend time with my dad. I think the one time I cherish the most is having been able to watch and Alabama game with dad in the hospital just a few weeks before he died. Now that was quality time! That was "God's Time"! I firmly believe that God has kept the sadness and hurt out of my life because there is no reason for me to fret over a loved one that is spending their time in Heaven. I know one day Dad and I will be sitting on the banks of the Jordan talking with Jesus and reeling in tons of Crappie for a Heavenly fish fry. That will definitely be "God's Time"!


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Flies By

Posted from Pinson, AL ---

Wow!!! What a weekend!!! I have just attended my 20 year High School Reunion and it was a blast. I can't believe it has been 20 years since we graduated high school. Everyone that attended was still looking great after 20 years; as one classmate mentioned, "Time has been a friend to all of you!!". Michelle, I couldn't have said it better. But, it is amazing how time flies by.

It seems like just yesterday we were cruising the Wal-mart parking lot or the local theater. We spent so much time together not just in class but in the band, on the football field, volleyball or basketball courts, and all the sign painting parties for the pep rallies. Those were good times and times we will not only cherish for a lifetime but times that we will miss as the stresses of the day press upon us in our adult lives. Time flies by.

There were many conspicuously missing from the events of the weekend, each unable to attend due to a schedule conflict or perhaps for some other reason. But there were nine classmates who had no choice of whether to attend or not. Nine classmates taken from us all too soon. Lives cut short by disease, illness, and unexpected accidents. I'm sure other classes have lost more of their beloved friends over a twenty year period but these are different. These were OUR BELOVED FRIENDS... they were the class of '87... THE BEST... and we miss them dearly. We've bid them farewell but we'll 'Never Say Goodbye'. Boy, how the time flies by.

We are planning some more frequent events. Maybe we'll find it easier to keep in touch if we see each other more often. As we grow older we'll start to find that there are more and more missing from our ranks. So, we should try harder to keep in touch because, just as we leaned on each other through our glory days, I believe we'll need each other even more as the time flies by.

As for me, we may not have been the closest of friends in high school but each of you have played a part in my life. Even if you never uttered one word to me, you have helped to shape my life and I am thankful that I met you all and I am a better person for having known each of you; I love you all!!

And as the time flies by, we will spread our wings like the proud Eagles we are, and we will soar on the winds of time.

Erwin Eagles Class of '87

"One Hell of a Class"


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sick and Tired

***Author's Commentary - September 22, 2007***
Some of you have been asking when I am going to post again. Honestly, I thought I just didn't have much to write about but, in retrospect, I may have had too many things to write about. I have been struggling with posting this blog for a almost three months now. I have thought this blog was racist, whiny, crass, angry, rambling and maybe even politically incorrect (hmmmm, who cares?). What I have finally decided is that it is probably all of these things and more but most of all it is truth. I hope some of this makes even a little sense to you all.


Ok, I am really getting sick and tired of hearing people say what a bad job America does in foreign relations. I mean really, what do you people want from us besides the fall of America?

FORMER (emphasis added) President Carter, on Tuesday, June 19, 2007, accused the US, Israel and the EU of trying to divide the Palestinian people rather than unite them. Funny how everytime we try to get these two factions (Hamas and Fatah) to the table to talk one of them blows up the others territory. Why do we even bother in the first place? Here's is an idea, line the borders with troops shoulder to shoulder, don't let anyone in, don't let anyone out and shoot to kill if you even think someone is pointing a weapon at you. Let them kill off the bad apples internally and the people that are left will probably be fine upstanding global citizens. Ok, Ok, so maybe that is a little far fetched. Let me try this again.

Let's not be so specific, let's take a broader approach and look at the big picture here. I am also sick and tired of hearing about how we were lied to by the current administration about Iraq and the WMD. I am sick of hearing how we should pull out and save our troops. Not a bad idea but having been in their shoes before I believe they want the sign to finish the job. Not to just maintain the peace but to eradicate the extremist factions so that the citizens of Iraq can live peacefully and without fear of being bombed by some idiot in a truck filled with explosives thinking he's going to die and receive a bunch of virgins as a reward. PLEASE!!! Don't insult my intelligence.

Now, here's the plan. Leave the troops or pull them out, it really is irrelevant; I say let them decide. The real crippling blow -- stop all funding to these nations. And I mean all funding. Let's see who has the real power. I know you are saying the dollar is worthless. Yes, it is worthless because we hand it out like candy to any nation that comes whining and crying that they need help. We have thousands of people here in America that don't have a roof over their heads and don't know where their next meal will come from. Yet we spend billions every year on foreign aid to countries that HATE us. Did you get that? They hate us but they don't have a problem taking our money. The US doles out billions of dollars every year to these countries as a humanitarian effort. Maybe I am the only one that thinks this but, it seems rather funny that, in some cases, we are actually paying for the bombs, bullets and other munitions that are killing OUR troops. Is it just me or does somebody else see this?

So, here is the total package:

1. Stop all federal funding of foreign countries and demand IMMEDIATE PAYBACK in full.

(Sorry, China go sell some rice or something. OOOPS!! Sorry, Palestine find your own money to pay for the bombs you are dropping on each other.)

2. Leave the troops whereever they are for a short time to ensure that we get the money.

3. Withdraw troops from all foreign locales and re-designate their mission as defense for the United States.

4. Tell the UN to get out and find a country where they can perform their function (whatever that is) in complete safety and without government control.

You want us to help? First, you had better have a really good reason for asking. Second, this is a loan with a term and interest and you WILL pay it back or we will send Tony Soprano after you. Now, shut up your whining and work out your own problems before we come over there and turn you over our knee and spank your whimpy, broke country's butt. How about all that money we are saving? Well, if we can keep congress from wasting it, we could probably find some really good humanitarian uses right here at home -- but that is a topic for another blog.


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

Composed from sunny Tampa, FL --

I have been attending the INNUA Global Connect technology conference in Tampa this week and I had the opportunity to hear a very interesting and captivating speaker. His name is Frank Abagnale, Jr.. Frank spent over five years in the Sixties living under assumed identities and passing bad checks worth over $2.5 million in at least 26 countries. I would encourage you to read his ghostwritten biography Catch Me If You Can or see the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie by the same name. Or better yet, find Frank speaking somewhere and get it straight from him.

As a technology professional, I was looking forward to hearing about his exploits and how he helps fight similar fraudulent activity today. Instead, he told his story in his words. It is a very exciting story in which he left home at the age of 16 and traveled the world on his mature looks and forging checks to survive. Finally caught, after serving time in a couple of European prisons, Frank is escorted home by the FBI and learns of his fathers death. I found the remainder of his speech fascinating and impressive as he began to speak of what it means to be, not just a father, but a DADDY!

With Father's Day approaching, I found it very appropriate and that is why I am writing this today. Frank spoke of how his father, Frank, Sr., never failed to kiss his children and tell them he loved them. He said to be a man, you have to become a daddy. Anyone can be a father to a child but only a man would show the affection and care to his family and children that makes him a daddy. Frank, Jr. realized that God had given him a second chance to be a man.

God intended us, as men, to be daddies. Being faithful to our families, our friends and most of all to our God. That is what makes a real man. I have many similar memories of my father. I can't remember a time that he failed to tell me he loved me. Not even when he was angry with me. Even when I had grown up and had my own family, dad always made it a point to give me a hug or a kiss on the cheek and tell me he loved me. I miss him everyday and I still see the lessons I learned from him as I act them out, most of the time, unknowingly.

So, I want you to ask yourself this Father's Day, "Who's Your Daddy?". I'm not implying that you don't know who he is, but rather, do you consider him just your father or do you consider him your daddy? Being a daddy means you make sacrifices for the benefit of your family. A daddy sacrifices without questioning if it is the right thing to do. To allow a child to have things better than they had them, daddies give up many things. Many times we as children don't see those sacrifices but they are made anyway.

So, if you are a father, if you have children of your own, adopted children, foster children, or if you mentor a child in any way; go be a daddy today. Start the process of positive lessons and memories for your precious children. As Frank Abagnale stated in his speech, "Children are entitled to a mother and a father." As unpopular as it may be to say we, as parents, have no right to take that entitlement away through divorce. Go be a daddy!!!

Children, if your daddy is still alive and you can get in touch with him, tell him how much you appreciate the things he does or has done for you. I think a man, a daddy, needs to hear that. He won't complain if he doesn't but if you realize how much he loves you, he deserves to know he's made a difference in your life. I was able to tell my dad before he passed away that he had made a difference in my life and I was still learning lessons from him, important lessons, through his illness. Even though he was unable to express himself verbally near the end of his life, he knew that he would not be with me much longer but, I could see the pride in his eyes as he realized that even through his faults, he had raised a man and a daddy.

Today, I make it a point to always tell my wife and daughter I love them. Even if they are asleep, they both receive a kiss and an 'I Love You' from me. I hope they always know that if I am home, they may not have felt the kiss or heard the words, but I have kissed them good night and told them I love them. And when I travel, I always call home before they go to bed with an I love you, no matter what my schedule.

Girls, I'll see you in a few hours!! Daddy loves you both very much!!

Posted from Nashville, TN airport --


Monday, May 14, 2007

A Real Man - Carjacker Beats 91-Year-Old Man as Bystanders Look On - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

I guess when you are 22-years old, it makes you a real man to beat up a 91 year old man and steal his car. Well, the real man in this story is 91 year old, Leonard Sims, a World War II veteran. Not only did he survive war in foreign lands, he has survived the cold streets of Detroit and lives to testify and see his attackers convicted. I believe this is a testament to the fortitude and strength of the World War II generation. In my humble opinion, I think they should beat this young punk just before he enters the court room door and dare him to file charges.

Thank you Mr. Sims for your faithful service and may God Bless you and your family.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Politics, Guns and Money - House Passes War Spending Bill With Provisions Bush Promises to Veto

I have an idea, let's stop funding congress --- Republicans and Democrats alike. Let's see how dedicated they are to performing their jobs, as representatives of this great country, when the paychecks stop. Likewise, how do you think the troops feel when they hear us, sitting here safe in America, arguing about whether or not to give them the necessary funding to simply protect themselves, forget about winning this war. We are willing to dole out money for illegal aliens in this country but we won't lift a finger to support the men and women who dedicate their lives, and often sacrifice their lives, that others might live free.

As a former Marine, I have my own ideas about how to end this war. Let's just say I wouldn't win any points for ethics. I am growing increasingly tired of the political rhetoric. It is time to stop thinking of our political careers and start thinking of and supporting, no matter what the cost, those who are willing to die not only for their country but for other countries, as well. It is time to start doing the right thing even if it is an unpopular thing to do. In the words of motivational speaker Michael Angelo Caruso, "Which do you believe more, what people say or what people do?". Making a statement doesn't prove anything but, actions speak volumes about a persons character.

Let's get busy America, Congress..... either you are with America or you are against America

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Reid: Someone Tell Bush the War in Iraq is Lost - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum: "'I know I was the odd guy out yesterday at the White House, but I at least told him what he needs to hear. … I told George Bush what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear, I did that and my conscience is great,' said Reid, who was one of several lawmakers who met with the president on Wednesday at the White House. Reid added that more people need to tell Bush the same."

Aretha Franklin had a point in her 1967 song, RESPECT. She sings "All I'm askin' is for a little respect......".

In the FoxNews excerpt above, it appears to me that even our Congressmen and women have no respect for others. Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV explains that he told "George Bush" what he needs to hear. President Bush has earned a level of respect, even if not by his person. I believe very strongly in the fact that the office of the President of the United States, regardless of who holds that office, demands respect. Senator Reid, your political grandstanding is ridiculous. You are trying to garner respect by making a stand and I commend you for that. However, to get respect you need to give respect. If you want to call the President by his first name in private circles or even in his presence, fine. But you should always refer to the holder of the office as President publicly.

We should all show respect to others whether they are the President of the United States or the janitor at the local high school. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, what does it mean to you?

Respectfully Yours,
Brad Walker

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VaTech Massacre

Well, we have had another senseless mass murder, this time at prestigious Virginia Tech. So far, 32 people have been reported killed and it is suspected that the gunman killed himself. Now, it seems pretty cut and dry to me --- line every campus in America, be it colleges or primary education facilities, with armed National Guardsmen. Simple isn't it? What is not so simple is why did something like this happen in the first place? We'll get to that.

First, and most importantly, I want to express my grief for all the families who have lost their loved ones on this sad day. I want them to know that regardless of their spiritual position, I will be praying for them and the leadership of the college and community. I will be praying for strength, guidance and wisdom for them as they struggle through these next dark days, trying to find answers.

Now, down to business. I am appalled at the news media and many citizens. Everyone is trying to place blame somewhere. The blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator and no one else. Not on the guns he used or the people he got them from. Not on the faculty or police for not sending out notification in any given individual's perception of a "timely manner". The shooter acquired a gun or guns and got it in his head "I am going to kill some people today" and he acted on that thought --- there is no one else to blame!!!!!

Also, the media is digging and trying to find out information that simply does not need to be published until the authorities have completed investigations and have discovered the real answers. Their zeal in being the first to report a piece of information could very well hamper or taint the police investigations. I believe strongly in the right of the public to be informed but not when it could prevent the truth from being revealed. Frankly, there are just some things we don't need to know. Quit being so nosy and tend to your own business.

I have no doubt that the democrats and the anti-gun lobby will have lots to say about this. I can hear it now, "We need tougher gun laws!!". Well, let me tell you, do your research. There are plenty of gun laws on the books now that never get enforced. Perhaps if we enforced the laws we already have, we wouldn't be watching the bodies of young adults being carried from their classrooms. The Marines taught me a few things about guns. Number One, bullets are scarce in combat One Shot, One Kill! Second, gun control is hitting your target. I am certain that there are a number of young men in colleges across the country who have been trained by our fine military forces. If the laws and school policy allowed these highly trained soldiers to carry a concealed weapon, say a mini-40, in their back pocket, the carnage may have been limited to 10 or less. This guy shot 50 people not counting himself and these poor students and faculty members had no way to defend themselves. Let me break it down for you --- Let's say you had the idea to go rob the local 7-11 using a handgun you just bought from T-Bone for a 100 dollars. And lets say there are three people, including the attendant, in the store when you walk in.  Would you think twice about robbing the store if there was a possibility that each of those three people had a weapon? Even if it was just the attendant in the store by himself, your only advantage is surprise. So, your chances are 50-50 if the attendant has a handgun --- are you still willing to take the chance he MIGHT miss?

Everyone is looking for a solution to how this could have been prevented. I don't know the answer. Maybe if we paid more attention to those around us than our Starbuck's latte. Maybe if we tried to get to know people and learn about them instead of just considering them somebody at my college. Perhaps if the shooter was a student and someone took the time to get to know him, maybe they would have seen this coming. Or maybe, just maybe, he might have be moved by their care and compassion and decided not to do this deed. I don't know how to fix it. But what I do know is that we get in too big of a hurry these days. Our lack of care and compassion for the issues going on today and the people we meet, maybe we are to blame for this because we just don't care anymore. We have become so apathetic about our society --- As long as it doesn't affect me I don't care --- we can't even come to agreement over the smallest of issues, much less find a reasonable answer to why this happened. One old maxim that comes to mind, If you aren't a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Or, for all you college chemists, If you aren't a part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate. (Oh, don't give me that, you have a computer, Google precipitate.)

Let's stop blaming everybody for our actions. Take responsibility for what you do and pay attention to the world around you. Take action, don't just sit in your comfortable chair sipping tea and expect someone else you make a difference. You were put here to make a difference, DO IT!

Brad Walker

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Super Bowl XLI

I don't really have a favorite NFL team and aside from an occasional Fantasy football team, I don't even follow pro football at all. So, having spent my early evening in church, I didn't watch the entire Super Bowl but, I think I did see the most important part.... the post-game interview of Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy.

This was a Super Bowl of "Firsts", the first rainy Super Bowl, the first team to appear in the Super Bowl led by a black coach (notice I didn't use the term African-American but I'll get to that later) and this was a double first; Both teams were led by black coaches. Also, it was the first Super Bowl to have the opening kick-off run back for a touchdown. Though this was a history-making Super Bowl, I have to say that the most impressive thing to me was to hear Coach Dungy explain how they got there.

Another first was Coach Dungy's statements regarding his Christian faith:

"I thought about just the journey," Dungy said of that now famous pre-game walk. "Where we were and how the Lord had kind of set this up with some struggles, with some ups and downs, and some hills and valleys, and just I really thought about the same way our team had persevered it would be a shame if we didn't win it."

"I'm proud to be the first African-American coach to win this," Dungy said during the trophy ceremony. "But again, more than anything, Lovie Smith and I are not only African-American but also Christian coaches, showing you can do it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that."

Yeah, Yeah, everybody thanks God for the win but this time it was different. I really felt like this was the way Tony Dungy lives his everyday life. Coach Dungy has had his share of ups and downs. I even questioned whether he would come back to coaching after he lost his teenage son to suicide a little over a year ago. But he persevered, he trusted in the Lord to help him through his time of trouble. I am proud of these two coaches for demonstrating their faith for millions of people across the country to see. What a great witness!!!

Now, to the African-American comment. Ok, I admit it, I am NOT politically correct. I didn't really apply myself in high school but I do remember that Africa is a separate continent from America. And as best as I can tell Tony Dungy was born here in America, he just happens to be black.. a different color.. not white. I really do respect the African heritage but I wish he would have said anything but African-American. Maybe he could have said Christian-Americans. Tony, you are an American born and bred and in my book you are more than that, you are a Christian which supercedes all races. Jesus Christ is the King of all kings, the God of all nations not just Americans or Africans. You had the courage to publish your faith in front of millions of people so have the courage to drop the negative multi-national monikers. If this country is ever going to be one again we have to stop segregating ourselves. Instead of calling a spade a spade (no pun intended) start calling an American and American.

Anyway, Congratulations to the Chicago Bears and Coach Lovie Smith for your success in reaching the Super Bowl and for playing an outstanding game. Also, Congratulations to Coach Tony Dungy and the entire Colts team on winning historical Super Bowl XLI. Keep walking the walk!!! Phillipians 3:8-14

Brad Walker

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who's Judging Who?

I love to hunt, though I don't get to do it these days due to schedules and lack of affordable hunting lands. I have always been raised around guns and I have always been taught how to handle firearms safely, both by my dad and grandfathers, as well as, by the Marine Corps. I bagged my first deer when I was only 10 years old. Normally, I wouldn't talk politics here but I just heard something that burns my butt more than a flame three feet high. I really think this goes much deeper than the politics so try to stay with me here and see if I am making any sense.

I was just listening to the CBS 42 10 o'clock news to find out all the bad things that happened today when I hear that my state, Alabama, has received an "F" rating (State Gun Laws) from the Brady Center regarding laws that protect families from gun violence. Now, hearing this I just had to do some research.

Since all of the lawmakers are in Washington, D.C., I decided to compare the crime rate in Alabama to that of the District of Columbia. Using data for 2004-2005 and looking only at Violent Crime and Murder/nonnegligent manslaughter, I found the following crime rates per 100,000 in population;The Disaster Center
-Alabama ranks 23rd in total population while DC ranks 51st for 2004-2005
-Alabama ranks 23rd in Violent Crime; DC ranks 1st (2004 and 2005)
-Alabama ranks 23rd in Murder/non negligent manslaughter in 2004, 6th in 2005; DC ranks 1st (2004 and 2005)

I found this quite curious knowing that possession of a firearm is illegal inside the beltway in DC, so I decided to look to the Brady Center for the grade on the District of Columbia. What a shock!!!! DC gets a "B" in gun violence protection laws.

Ok, I know that all these crimes aren't committed with guns, so I decided to search for data on specifically firearm related incidents. I did find some homicide data at the Department of Justice website on Alabama but interestingly enough, there was no data for the District of Columbia.

Now, let me get to my point. If gun laws worked as well as the anti-gun lobbyists would have us believe, it would stand to reason that the areas with the best gun laws would have the least amount of gun related crime. This doesn't appear to be true based on the limited research I have made prior to writing this article. And it even appears that the government doesn't want us to know the true statistics for gun related crimes in the DC area. The things that work for protecting families from gun violence are education and enforcement. Parents, guardians, teachers, communities, educate your kids on gun safety, gun use and the penalties for improper or illegal use. Local and State governments enforce the laws that are already on the books; don't try to make more laws that won't work or that you don't have the resources to enforce. Rethink current gun laws; Why don't they work? What would work? The only people protected by gun laws are those criminals that don't obey the laws.

Whether you agree or not doesn't really matter. What does matter is that this is America and we have enabled Criminals to make us lock our doors, fear going to the grocery store, fear going to school or fear doing anything that makes us feel like we live in the "Land of the Free". So, Brady Center, before you start judging people/states/governments, maybe you should take a look in your own back yard. Wake up America!!! Let's start punishing the criminals, not innocent citizens.

  )\ <====== (Me walking away from my soapbox)

Brad Walker

Monday, January 15, 2007

Writer's Block

Since I am not writing as often as I have in the past, I wanted you all to know why. I think I have writer's block. It's not like there aren't things I can write about. I guess there are just so many topics going through my head I just can't sort it all out.

I am also trying to write a couple of books which could be keeping my mind preoccupied. I've never really considered myself a writer but I have had several things on my mind that I think others need to know. They say everyone has a book in them; maybe they are right. I just want to know one thing... Who is "they"? I've never met "them" so how do "they" know I have a book in me? Anyway, I digress. I will try to keep you posted on my writings.

I'm also thinking of writing some periodic musings to be distributed via e-mail. So, if you want to receive periodic emails from me, enter your email in the Subscribe box in the sidebar to the right. As soon as I get some interest, I'll start writing.

Well, maybe soon I'll be writing about something a little more interesting and relevant to what's going on in the world today. So, keep reading and I'll be back later.


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Show Me The Money!!

Happy New Year!!!

Well, the Crimson Tide now has a new coach, Nick Saban, from the Miami Dolphins. He is now the highest paid coach in college football at ~$3.75 million a year. So, was it the money or was it the love of college football that brought him to Alabama? My bet is on the money. Just for the record, I could have coached the Tide as well as Saban, or anybody else for that matter, and I'm not nearly as expensive. I don't understand why they didn't ask me if I wanted the job. (I would have taken great pleasure in telling them NO several times before they offered me more money.) With that said, I guess they were looking for experience. But, didn't Saban have a losing season with the Dolphins this year? Well, I guess experience isn't everything, but I still say my 0-0 record trumps Saban's 6-10 2006 season; but I'm not bitter. I do wish Coach Saban good luck in his tenure at the Capstone. Perhaps he might be the one to usher in a new era in Crimson Tide tradition. RIP Bear!!!

Brad Walker