Sunday, August 27, 2006

A New Day

I hate having a summer cold. Colds are bad enough in the winter, but when there is so much to do outdoors in the summer, a cold is sheer misery. But, today is a new day!

Dad is doing very good. The doctor removed the ventilator this morning and so far, he is breathing good. For dad, today is a new day! In fact, for dad, every day is a new day.

I have changed the way I do and think about a lot of things lately. I think this is partly due to dad being in the hospital and partly because I am learning from others that things really aren't as bad as we think. For instance, I have learned from Michael Angelo Caruso that Mondays are not the worst days of the week, but the best. There is no better time to address the issues you face. Mondays are a new day. Don't live in the past, keep looking to the future. Keep looking to every new day. The past will only drag you down and make you miserable like a summer cold. Looking ahead gives you a new perspective, a new view, a new chance to make a difference. Strive to be your best every day, even when yesterday was a failure. For dad, each new day brings new struggles; struggles to breathe, to move, to talk or just to live. But, each new day brings new successes; no laboring to get a breath, no pain, no anxiety about the treatment he is undergoing.

Look to each new day with excitement because each new day is a gift from God to use as we see fit. We can make it miserable or we can make it special. So, which will it be for you today; A day filled with misery and dispair or will this be your NEW DAY to live, to love, to succeed and never give up?

Brad Walker

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Michael Angelo Caruso said...

Hey, Brad! Great job on your blog. Keep writing, man. It's good for you! Thanks for the plug. Your friend, Michael Angelo Caruso