Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Flies By

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Wow!!! What a weekend!!! I have just attended my 20 year High School Reunion and it was a blast. I can't believe it has been 20 years since we graduated high school. Everyone that attended was still looking great after 20 years; as one classmate mentioned, "Time has been a friend to all of you!!". Michelle, I couldn't have said it better. But, it is amazing how time flies by.

It seems like just yesterday we were cruising the Wal-mart parking lot or the local theater. We spent so much time together not just in class but in the band, on the football field, volleyball or basketball courts, and all the sign painting parties for the pep rallies. Those were good times and times we will not only cherish for a lifetime but times that we will miss as the stresses of the day press upon us in our adult lives. Time flies by.

There were many conspicuously missing from the events of the weekend, each unable to attend due to a schedule conflict or perhaps for some other reason. But there were nine classmates who had no choice of whether to attend or not. Nine classmates taken from us all too soon. Lives cut short by disease, illness, and unexpected accidents. I'm sure other classes have lost more of their beloved friends over a twenty year period but these are different. These were OUR BELOVED FRIENDS... they were the class of '87... THE BEST... and we miss them dearly. We've bid them farewell but we'll 'Never Say Goodbye'. Boy, how the time flies by.

We are planning some more frequent events. Maybe we'll find it easier to keep in touch if we see each other more often. As we grow older we'll start to find that there are more and more missing from our ranks. So, we should try harder to keep in touch because, just as we leaned on each other through our glory days, I believe we'll need each other even more as the time flies by.

As for me, we may not have been the closest of friends in high school but each of you have played a part in my life. Even if you never uttered one word to me, you have helped to shape my life and I am thankful that I met you all and I am a better person for having known each of you; I love you all!!

And as the time flies by, we will spread our wings like the proud Eagles we are, and we will soar on the winds of time.

Erwin Eagles Class of '87

"One Hell of a Class"


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Keshia said...

Guess who! Did you say wow? How have you been? I am sorry I missed the reunion but work called. (being grown up is not always what we thought) I was looking at pics from the reunion and came across your blog and I must say you have become quite a writter (wow is this the same brad from school?) just kidding. Your family is beautiful. I know you are proud of that girl of yours.

I am the proud mom of 2 yes 2 boys CJ my youngest is 10 and starting 5th grade he is almost as tall as me. Brad is my oldest he graduated this year (could I really be that old) he turned 18 a week later. He will be playing baseball for the blazers this year and planes to join the military after he graduates.(GO Marines) Well I am married to my best friend who is a police officer in Hoover. As for me I work at HH Gregg in Hoover (stop by and say hi sometime)
I am sorry to hear about your dad i Know how hard it can be I dont know if you remember I lost my dad when I was 16. Well I wanted to say hi and thanks for being a friend all those years ago.
let me know how you are doing