Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Parable of the Duct Tape

Posted from Pinson, AL-

I attended a funeral for a good friend today. He was one of my Chili Cook-off Buddies and I am going to miss him. But I didn't stop in to tell you about someone you really don't know. I did stop in to tell you about the lessons my friend is still teaching from Heaven's shore.

Wade, Brad, Ragan, Betty and Chef Clayton - 2007 Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Cook-off State Champs

Ragan's pastor, Brother David Awtrey, of First Baptist Church Pinson told us of Ragan's Duct Tape Bible. He supplied the following Parable of the Duct Tape. (Pastor, I will try to do your message justice here because it is extremely relevant and highly noteworthy).

When something is broken, the first thing that usually comes to mind (at least my redneck mind) to repair it is duct tape. Duct tape fixes everything! I recall a local morning show character, Earl Pitts, from years ago citing duct tape and a coat hanger to fix everything from a broken tv antenna to the radiator in your car. Even the NASCAR crews use duct tape to repair fenders on wrecked race cars. I mean they go to great expense to create these super fast machines yet they trust simple duct tape to hold it all together after a crash. Jesus is like the duct tape. When we are broken and beat up He can fix us. Patching us up like the duct tape on a race car, Jesus can heal the hurt, He can mend a broken heart and He can restore our sinful lives to glory through His ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

Duct tape is also quite hard to tear. Duct tape is very durable, I mean look at those race cars. When they've been damaged the sheet metal flops around and threatens to fall off at every bump. But, once the crew starts carefully placing it on the ruptured sheet metal, the car becomes sturdy again. When we read God's Word daily, He will make us so that we don't tear so easily when the trials come. And when we have Jesus in our lives He binds us with His love and makes us sturdy again so we can weather the storm.

Lastly, Duct tape sticks to just about everything. Jesus is this way with us; He sticks by us through the storm. He never lets go of us. He told us He would never leave us nor forsake us. If we stick with Jesus, He will guide us in every aspect of our lives. He will hold on to us through the storms of life. When the wind blows and the waves threaten to sink us, He will calm the storm. We need to put our trust in Christ and stick by Him just as He sticks by us.

I will never look at another piece of duct tape the same. In fact I need a good bookmark since my last one is quite worn. Seems to me a small piece of duct tape should do the trick and last me a good long time. Not only will it serve to mark my place as I study my Bible but it will remind me of a dear friend and the fun we had at work and at play. So long, until we meet on that Beautiful Shore, Ragan! I am proud to have known you and thanks for being my friend!

Psalm 34:8

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