Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Visit With Dad on Fathers Day

Posted from Pinson, AL -

Dad came to see me today. No, I'm not crazy. Many of you know that my dad passed away in 2006. So, here's my story.

We had planned lunch for the dads at our house today. Some time in the wee hours of the morning I had a dream. In my dream, it seemed that I was carrying the food in from the grill and I looked up on the deck and I saw dad leaning on the rail, healthy and strong. He smiled and waved and I remember smiling and feeling in my dream a sense of happiness, contentment and just an overall good feeling. When I stepped up on the deck dad was no where to be found. Then I heard the alarm...

I really am not crazy and I don't believe in ghosts. I have been thinking about going to the cemetery all last week but I knew time would not permit. Perhaps it is my own imagination, wishful thinking if you will, expressing a desire to be with my dad on Father's Day. Or, perhaps it was God's way of letting me know that my dad is happy now and that he is proud of the son he left behind. Either way I know I miss my dad very much and it was a great feeling to see him even if it was only in my dream.

I've said it before, my dad may not have been the best dad but to me, there isn't a better one. I can only pray and ask God to help me be the dad He would have me to be and one day maybe my daughter will think I was a pretty good dad too.

Thanks for stopping by today dad, even if it was just in a dream. Whether it was of God or my own imagination, it really made my day. I love you dad and Happy Father's Day!

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